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A location so perfect,
the pallets are queuing to get in

What's so special about London Gateway?

London Gateway is the fastest growing Freeport location in the UK, and it's easy to see why.

The port sits at the mouth of the Thames, right next to one of the world's busiest shipping channels.

Only 30 miles from central London and with excellent road infrastructure serving the rest of England's south-east, it provides unrivalled access to the UK's major consumer concentration.

But there's more to it than that...

What does it mean for you?


It's a

Bringing your goods through a freeport allows you to take advantage of various customs duty and VAT deferrals - as well as accessing streamlined processes available only at a freeport.


That means cost saving and cash flow benefits for you and your customers. 


It's focused on

DP World have invested heavily with the new £350m 4th berth: a 100% electric port of fossil-free cranes, loaders & trucks.

We're next door, reducing stem mileage and meaning your goods get to your customers with minimised environmental impact.

supply chain

It's a robust

Its strategic location and cutting-edge facilities, expanded capacity and connection infrastructure will improve your supply chain resilience.

Our proximity reduces stem mileage from port to our warehouse, minimising the chance of disruption.

delivery speed

It increases

The port operates 24 hours a day so your goods will be dealt with as they arrive, day or night.

We've synchronised our operation with a round-the-clock warehouse team primed to get your goods ready for despatch 12 hours quicker than a typical provider.


Location, location,

OK, so we said it's not just about its location - but that really is a great opportunity for you.

London is only 30 miles away and the South East of England represents the largest consumer region of the UK.

Where better?


It has expansion

DP World have opened their (ell-electric) 4th berth and it's a game changer.

It allows the world's largest container ships to use the port.

Not only that, but they have capacity for another 2 berths - the future is bright!


It's backed by

When making a decision on where to locate your goods, stability is a factor.

The whole freeport development is a key part of the UK Government's plans to improve infrastructure, create jobs and regenerate areas...

Whoever is in power!


It enables

The one thing we've been impressed by is the collaboration between businesses within London Gateway.

Everyone shares the goal of providing excellent service and supporting each other - because that makes all of London Gateway succeed.

Watch Chris explain how "location changes lives"

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