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We're on a mission to provide more sustainable logistics

Sustainability starts at home

Our commitment to sustainability is literally built into our foundations.

Our London Gateway home is a BREEAM-certified facility that operates to the latest energy-efficient and sustainability-focused standards.

From the solar panels on our roof, through our rainwater harvesting tech and our efficient, automatic lighting system, we're off to a great start.

But we want to do more.

That's why we've set ourselves challenging sustainability targets that we monitor against and discuss at board level.

Your goods are always handled and moved with sustainability in mind.

Our Sustainability Targets

How we work towards sustainability

No stem mileage from port
Solar panels cover 25% of roof
Rainwater harvesting
Electric forklift trucks
Free EV charging for staff
Efficient automatic lighting
Serviced by all-electric port
Electric 3.5T delivery vehicle
BREEAM-certified building
Board-level targets
Staff green initiatives
Euro VI vehicles as standard
and more (of course)...
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